Security sorted!

Security sorted!

We know you have your favourite doctors and providers; did you know you can now book and use MAG’s portal as a secure way of working with these trusted professionals? With all the new security and privacy compliance issues we are all now facing you may be looking for a more secure way to transact and exchange documents with your providers.

We have developed the functionality for you to book your providers on our platform, even if your they are not on the MAG panel. This allows you to keep all of your IME’s, clinical notes, and imaging files on one, secure, online platform, and ensures that you still comply with all privacy and data breach regulations. Our automated system, provides paperwork and LOI reminders, as well as ensuring prompt doctor payment as we pay the doctors in the following month.

Login to MAG Connect today to check out our updated system or contact our team today for more information.

Clinical Notes and Imaging Services now available

Clinical Notes and Imaging Services now available

MAG is pleased to announce that clinical notes and imaging services are now available to be booked through our secure, online booking platform, MAG Connect.

MAG has developed a sophisticated online booking service to retrieve clinical notes directly to you from the one convenient booking platform. Now there’s no need to contact multiple providers, to provide claimant details each time, or to track progress separately. Supported by sophisticated back end automation and support, MAG’s clinical notes service is a cost effective and easy way to remove that administrative hassle from your team.

After partnering with leading national healthcare organizations, MAG is offering a full suite of imaging services available on our platform. MRI’s, X-Rays, CT scans and more are available across Australia for your convenience. By offering a full range of services across our platform, MAG reduces your administrative workload and saves you time and money for your personal injury cases.

eAssess: A reliable telehealth solution for regional psychiatric medicolegal assessments

eAssess: A reliable telehealth solution for regional psychiatric medicolegal assessments

In Australia, roughly one million people suffer depression and two million suffer anxiety and despite two decades of investment in improving mental health services, the mental health of Australians has not improved.

Unfortunately, people living in regional, rural and remote locations in Australia are at a significant disadvantage with access to mental health services substantially more limited than in major cities.

The introduction of reliable and robust telehealth networks across regional, rural and remote Australia has been one measure taken to improve how healthcare services are delivered to those living in regional locations, and MAG is pleased to play its part with the introduction of eAssess- our telehealth video conferencing service.

eAssess uses state of the art cloud-based technology to connect your claimants with Psychiatrists located anywhere across Australia. Unlike older video-conferencing technologies, MAG’s eAssess provides your claimant with a unique access code, making it easier to connect with assessing Psychiatrists from your rooms, the GP’s surgery, anywhere!  And the technology is more reliable too, meaning less drop-outs and a better-quality connection.

Strict protocols apply to ensure the integrity of the assessment is maintained, but now MAG helps you provide a better service for your clients by minimising unnecessary travel, distress, costs and inefficiencies. And when claimants are less anxious, they deliver a more reliable account!

Please see the FAQ on the attached for further information. For bookings or queries, please contact or dial 02 8090 7611.

New MAG Services: Book your IME’s, Clinical Notes, MRI’s and Factual Investigators all through MAG

New MAG Services: Book your IME’s, Clinical Notes, MRI’s and Factual Investigators all through MAG

MAG is pleased to announce a range of new services you can book directly with us:

  • MRI Services
  • Clinical Note retrieval
  • Factual investigators

Now there’s no need to contact multiple providers, to provide claimant details each time, or to track progress separately.

Simply contact MAG, provide your claimant’s details once, tell us which services you need, and we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy.

To make a booking or for more details please contact or call 02 8090 7611.

MAG eAssess

MAG eAssess

The MAG Team are delighted to release our online assessment tool, MAG eAssess which is now available for bookings.

Specially designed for regional clients, who find it difficult to travel, as well as those physically incapacitated in terms of travel, MAG eAssess brings the doctor to the client though online video conferencing, saving time and money for everyone.

MAG eAssess is a Web-based video application. No installation or account set up is required. It just uses your existing camera and microphone on via a PC or laptop. Participants will be invited through a secure invitation link, with a time and date, just like a regular appointment. At this point they will also sign a consent form for the session to be recorded.

Whether the client is in a regional location or in the city – this brings the doctor and the claimant together in a time and cost-effective manner.

For physical examinations this is organised at a local physiotherapy office with a registered physiotherapist who will supervise the entire physical assessment, liaising with the specialist via the web throughout.
For psychological assessments, all that is required is a quiet room with a computer, either in the claimant’s home or somewhere comfortable and private.
The complete audio and video files of the consultation are available upon request, these are securely stored on a cloud-based platform.

The benefit of an online system is that it allows multiple participants, such as an interpreter, to join in on the assessment without being in that physical location.
MAG eAssess also contains an on-line dictation feature which allows on the spot dictation of notes during or after the medical session. These notes are stored with the main files and allow for review before submitting the files to our team without using any extra tools.

As always, our report turnaround for these assessments is prompt and emailed within 5 working days, however should there be an urgent referral, we can work on a tighter timeframe.

With MAG eAssess you can access a full range of Specialists for Psychiatric, Psychological, Orthopaedic, Surgical, Neurosurgical or IMC reports for any claimant, anywhere.

Please contact us today to book your first MAG eAssess session.

Family and Criminal Reports

Family and Criminal Reports


MAG provides Criminal Law reports in support of an application under Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act. These reports are commonly used to divert those who suffer from mental conditions away from criminal penalisation and towards getting help and treatment they need.

A Section 32 can be granted in situations where someone was suffering from a mental condition at the time of the alleged offence, or can be shown to be suffering from an ongoing mental condition during the court proceedings.

If your client has been charged with an offence and the court makes an order pursuant to  a section 32, the effect of such an order is that your client will not be dealt with under the court system, but rather by a court-mandated mental health treatment plan and will not receive a criminal conviction for this offence.


MAG now have Psychiatrists who can provide dual reports for the Family Law Court in relation to parental access children to children.  Previously, this was largely provided by psychologists and social workers, however, we have recently seen a trend towards greater use of Psychiatrist reports.

For more information or call us today 02 8090 7611.

MedicoLegal Assessments Group and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Shortform reports for Sub $50k CTP matters

Shortform reports for Sub $50k CTP matters

MedicoLegal Assessments Group (MAG) is a trusted provider who can give you access to the right medical professional within a time frame that suits you. Our experts will ensure that you are connected with the medical professional you need.

Our highly skilled medical consultants and allied health professionals have an in-depth understanding of all medico legal issues relating to injury or trauma in the workplace, involvement in a motor vehicle accident, public liability, medical negligence, Coronial and HCCC (Health Care Complaints Commission) matters.

We give you access to the doctor you want, when you want. If your preferred doctor is not available, you can trust our experienced team to connect you with an equivalent doctor from the same speciality.

Shortform reports for Sub $50k CTP matters

MAG are delighted to advise we are offering a short form medico legal report to address the 1/11/16 CTP changes. The report is available for $1200 + GST.


Medico Legal reports are available on a deferred settlement basis. Payment is not required until the matter settles or up to 3 years whichever is the sooner.

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