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We are proud to offer a landmark digital service that expedites the process for procuring vital medical records. A niche product that is tailor-made for Plaintiff’s Lawyers. This state-of-the-art system for retrieving clinical records offers a streamlined alternative to the conventional approach that leaves many Plaintiffs Lawyers tearing their hair out in frustration.

The entire medical history of a person’s condition is often spread far and wide across numerous medical centres, imaging clinics and hospitals. Very rarely is a Claimant’s complete medical history contained together in one single volume in the current Nominated Treating Doctor’s clinic.

The problem then occurs when claims become litigated and the Claimant’s entire medical history for the compensable condition needs to be recalled for review by all parties involved in the proceedings. Collecting all of this information can be both a long drawn out and annoying process for everyone involved.

These documents must be retrieved quickly and securely to meet the strict deadlines in place once matters become litigated. 

With the MAG KawaConn system, medical records are typically delivered in under ten business days. If you want a more efficient system for the retrieval of medical records, speak with us today.