MAG continually recruit new specialists/allied health professionals to ensure we continue to provide concise and quality reports.  There are no restrictive contracts or exclusivity.  The latter is entirely your choice.

MAG are also happy to fit in with your busy schedule and lifestyle, that is, you determine the amount of consultations and your availability.  You also have the opportunity to travel to any location for MedicoLegal sessions, our staff taking care of travel arrangements, should you choose to consult regionally or interstate.

At MAG we pay our specialists promptly — in fact, well ahead of the market standard.  We also invest by arranging for your accreditations and professional development, such as hosting the Motor Accidents MAA course, sponsoring attendance for Work Cover WIA, GEPI and COMCARE courses.

We can also promote your reputation by identifying speaking engagements, publishing articles and coordinating internal medical seminars.

Please contact us today if you are interested in joining our team.

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MAG ISO 9001 Accreditation

MAG is proud to announce that we are now an ISO 9001 accredited organisation. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized certificate for the recognition of exceptional quality management systems. Our quality management system covers the entire medicolegal report process, and we are please to continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients. MAG is committed to constantly improving our systems and processes to provide an easy experience for our clients.