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Due to the high failure rates experienced by Plaintiff’s seeking damages against healthcare companies in Medical Negligence cases, MAG have created a Free Triage Service to provide valuable advice for our clients.

You lodge an enquiry with us about your matter, providing a two-page chronology/summary detailing the gender and age of the injured person and any pre-existing conditions. How the subject injury occurred. What is the reason you believe there is / has been negligence. Our expert Triage Panel will examine the information and may consult with others to ensure the most appropriate medical specialist or specialists for your matter are identified. We get back to you with a free preliminary opinion advising of liability in order to avoid embarking on an arduous and expensive Medical Negligence case in the event that the outcome is not likely to be favourable.

If the outcome of the free preliminary opinion is favourable further documentation and information can be provided for the expert specialist to review and discuss with you via a teleconference.

Only if you are satisfied that the case is strong do you commission a report from our expert panel of specialists who have observed the findings in many similar cases, and knows just how the courts determine these matters. This allows you to make an informed decision that could ultimately spare you from the saga of a Medical Negligence case.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept requests from anyone who does not have legal representation due to the complexity of these cases. Thank you for understanding.


” The Medical Negligence Triage service is an invaluable tool to practices operating in the medical negligence space. At the end of the day we are lawyers, not doctors and the free triage opinion takes so much of the risk out of backing a case without knowing whether it can succeed.

I now triage nearly all med neg claims that come across my desk.

This includes cases that I previously would have asked the client to fund because I was uncertain of their prospects.

Some of those latter cases would never have made it to the litigation stage without a free opinion.

It’s a great service.

I will continue to use it going forward.”

– Robert Montagnino, Co-founder – United Legal

“I would like to comment on MAG’s Medical Negligence Triage Service as it has helped generate extra work for myself.

I agreed to give feedback on one enquiry that took about 30mins of my time.

This lead to a complete assessment and report for that matter and then the same lawyer sent me another case only a few weeks later.

I would recommend giving up a small bit of time to the triage service as you never know what amount of work will come from it. Thanks MAG Team.”

-Mr Stewart Hayes, Podiatrist

“It is an efficient service in which our national personal injury divisions are able to procure preliminary opinions as to breach of duty of care to enable us to determine, from an early stage, whether we are able to assist an injured person in seeking compensation for their alleged medical negligence. MAG have access to a wide range of experts who provide a clear response as to whether we are able to proceed forward.

The prompt and comprehensible preliminary opinions are primary reasons as to why we continue to use the service, as most injured persons require prompt advice in the preliminary stage of their potential claim.

The service would be recommended to our peers as it is a streamlined process which enables a law practice to know where they and the injured person stand with respect to prospects of success in a claim. Most medical negligence claims are funded by a law practice, as injured persons do not have sufficient funds to pay thousands of dollars for reports with uncertain outcomes. Therefore, through the service, the law practice is able to know if they are prepared to fund a claim behalf of the injured person subject to the preliminary opinion”

-Muhammad Jradi, Senior Associate – Premier Lawyers

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