Medical Negligence – Triage Service

Our Offer to You

Due to the high failure rates experienced by Plaintiff’s seeking damages against healthcare companies in Medical Negligence cases, MAG have created a Free Triage Service to provide valuable advice for our clients.

You lodge an enquiry with us about your matter, providing a two-page chronology/summary detailing the gender and age of the injured person and any pre-existing conditions. How the subject injury occurred. What is the reason you believe there is / has been negligence. Our expert Triage Panel will examine the information and may consult with others to ensure the most appropriate medical specialist or specialists for your matter are identified. We get back to you with a free preliminary opinion advising of liability in order to avoid embarking on an arduous and expensive Medical Negligence case in the event that the outcome is not likely to be favourable.

If the outcome of the free preliminary opinion is favourable further documentation and information can be provided for the expert specialist to review and discuss with you via a teleconference.

Only if you are satisfied that the case is strong do you commission a report from our expert panel of specialists who have observed the findings in many similar cases, and knows just how the courts determine these matters. This allows you to make an informed decision that could ultimately spare you from the saga of a Medical Negligence case.


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