MAG Kawaconn Online Booking

Our online booking system boasts a number of outstanding attributes that have been implemented to enrich your user experience with us. Whether you need to book an IME, upload paperwork or just check on the progress of a report, our system has been developed to address all your needs quickly and effectively.

Our booking platform adheres to the toughest, data protection regulations, thereby giving you complete faith that your client’s information is kept safe and confidential every time. At MAG, our rigorous internal approach to quality control ensures that we maintain the highest standards of data security. Upholding both you and your client’s integrity is our number one priority.

What to expect from MAG Kawaconn

Need an IME? – Search our extensive, nationwide database for any type of specialist that you require. Type the name, speciality, sub-speciality or location to get all the details that you need.

Secure that IME appointment fast – Find out the location and availability of a certain specialist and book the appointment there and then.

Want to know more about a certain specialist? – Find out everything you need to know before you proceed with the appointment. On MAG Kawaconn, you can view all of our doctor’s profiles and even read their resumes. Proceed with one hundred percent certainty in the full knowledge that your selected doctor is ideal for your client.

System generated reminders – Our reminders sent to your phone and email address ensure that you never have to worry about forgetting to upload your paperwork. Likewise, you don’t need to worry that your client might forget to attend their upcoming IME appointment. Our system sent reminders significantly reduce the likelihood of any client no-shows, as they will receive a message from us usually one day prior to their assessment.

Hassle free uploading of important paperwork – Save time and trouble by submitting your Letters of Instruction and supporting claim documentation through the secure portal.

Want to know when your report will be ready? – You can check the progress of your requested IME report at any time simply by accessing our online booking portal. Additionally, you can read through all of your completed reports whenever you like just by clicking the link.

You’re invited – Find out about all of our exclusive educational events and seminars. Whenever any important industry event is scheduled, you can find out all the details by visiting MAG Kawaconn