MedicoLegal Assessments Group regularly hold seminars and other exclusive industry events for all the members of our professional community.

Inviting notable guest speakers, these meetings are an informative and entertaining way of addressing issues that are relevant to our medical and legal associates.

We even offer our members the chance to guest speak at any of these events, thereby providing you the perfect platform in which to promote your ideas and attract notice from prominent industry players.

A great way to connect with others and build a strong professional network, we are even delighted to consider your suggestions when deciding on future topics. If you want us to host a seminar on an issue that you are passionate about, just let us know.

Our panel consists of some of the most respected specialists in Australia. Don’t miss your chance to hear any of them speak.

Online Seminars

Please click on any of the images below to watch the full video of the seminar on our YouTube channel.

Dr Michael Jones
Some Interesting Clinical Cases

David Healey
Interpretation of the Comcare Guidelines when writing IME reports

Prof. William Rawlinson
A Virologist’s perspective on SARS and Covid 19 Infection

Dr Ian Harris
Surgical Outcomes in Workers Compensation

Dr Peter Grossberg
Abdominal Pain, Herniae and Work Care​

Dr Robert Kaplan
Evaluating stress cases

Dr Robert McCartney
Psychosocial risk factors in protracted work injuries

Dr Siddarth Sethi
GORD & IBS in a Medicolegal Setting

Ms Danielle Little
Catastrophic Injuries and Estate Planning

Samantha Curro
and Bernard McAuley

A closer look at Medical Negligence

Dr Nicole Gates
Functional Neurological Disorder

Dr Divyanshu Dua
Lung Cancer: Etiology, Diagnosis and Management

Dr John Crock
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Mark Ridhalgh
The Shoulder: Evaluation of common shoulder conditions

Dr Nicole Phillips
Secrets of the Psychiatric IME revealed

Dr Peter Gray
IME Assessments of the Worker’s Compensable Knee Injury

Dr Geoffrey Rosenberg
Sacroiliac Joint Problems

Dr.Doron Sher
Range of Motion and How It Relates To Medical Reports

Dr. Evan Dryson
 Effects of mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Return to Work

Dr.David Hayes
What constitutes a pre-existing condition in MedicoLegal Reporting