Medico-Legal Assessments Group (MAG) offers a results driven approach to all medico-legal matters. Powered by the expertise of an esteemed panel of medical specialists and allied health professionals, our service is designed to provide maximum client satisfaction.

We’re committed to ensuring our clients receive the highest quality medical reports, produced within the shortest timeframes.

Whether you’re a Plaintiff or Defendants Solicitor, you’ll have access to an elite team of doctors across a broad range of medical specialities. Whatever the diagnosis may be, you can be certain that your client will be reviewed by only the most suitably qualified and seasoned clinical specialist for their particular condition.

At MAG, we want our clients to feel empowered by offering them an array of options. We understand if you have a preferred doctor whom you want your client seen by. That’s why we will make every attempt to ensure this happens. If that doctor is not available when you want your client assessed, we will arrange for another doctor from the exact same speciality to conduct the assessment.

No matter what medical speciality you require, our specialists have years of medico-legal experience in dealing with the most complex of workplace injuries and traumas.  Through meeting with your client either in person or through a tele-health consultation, the specialist will conduct an in-depth examination to determine the underlying causes.

After reviewing the entire case history, the specialist will address all of your questions concerning causation in their thoroughly detailed report. The clinical reports produced by our specialists are of the most impeccable standard and may be relied upon in court to achieve the most favourable outcome for your client.

MAG ISO 9001 Accreditation

MAG is proud to announce that we are now an ISO 9001 accredited organisation. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized certificate for the recognition of exceptional quality management systems. Our quality management system covers the entire medicolegal report process, and we are please to continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients. MAG is committed to constantly improving our systems and processes to provide an easy experience for our clients.