At MedicoLegal Assessments Group, we understand the sense of urgency involved in procuring vital medical evidence for your client’s cases. Considering this, we’re committed to providing you with your finalised medical report within three to five days of your client’s assessment.

Our elite team of Medical Typists were hand-picked for their speed, accuracy and ability to handle pressure when working to tight deadlines. Based in Australia, they are all fluent in English. Fully conversant in complex medical terminology, these professionals are dedicated to delivering the most precise and polished reports that can be easily read by our clients.

IME Assessments

Our elite community of doctors includes some of the most respected specialists in the medical profession. Whatever speciality you require, Medico-Legal Assessments can provide you with a doctor of the highest calibre to review your claimant and answer all of your questions in an in-depth, clinical report.

An indisputable, independent report from an esteemed Specialist commenting on matters like causation, prognosis and fitness for work is one of the most important pieces of medical evidence you need to achieve the best results for your Claimants.

With a little input from you, like some good questions for the Doctor in your Letter of Instruction, you can help to ensure that you receive the most conclusive report that your Claimant will thank you for.

We offer the flexibility for your Claimant to attend the IME either in person at a professional medical practice, an online conference room or a telehealth consultation. If you have a particular Specialist whom you wish to review your Claimant, we will do everything in our power to arrange a mutually convenient appointment with them.

At MAG, we understand the urgency with which our Clients often require their reports. That’s why we have set a strict, five day timeframe in which you will receive the completed IME report to make use of as you wish.

Fitness for Duty

This type of assessment is commonly used to determine the fitness for work capacity of any individual who sustains a non-work related injury. Sometimes injuries can leave permanent damage that can render a person unfit to return to their pre-injury role.

Although they may have fitness for some type of work, the goal of returning to their pre-injury position is no longer a realistic vocational option.

A treating Doctor is not always able to tell the true impact of an injury on their patient’s work capacity just by speaking with them. Therefore, a Fitness for Duty Assessment may be required in order to evaluate the person’s specific functional capabilities.

At MAG, we offer comprehensive Fitness for Duty Assessments to give you a thorough picture of your Claimant’s overall fitness for work capacity. Conducted by one of our Occupational Physicians, the highly detailed reports from these assessments list each of the person’s various physical proficiencies.

Fitness for Duty Assessments provide all the most critical information you need to establish new return-to-work goals for your Claimant and set them on their journey to finding meaningful employment once again.

Supplementary Reports

An appendage to the main IME report, the purpose of a Supplementary Report from an Independent Medical Examiner is to elaborate on any points that were not discussed in the original report.

A Supplementary Report is simply a follow-up to the original IME report, asking the Doctor to comment on any further matters that you may have forgotten to ask them in your original Letter of Instruction. Another reason for requesting a Supplementary Report might be to ask the Specialist’s opinion on any changes that had occurred in the Claimant’s condition since the date of the IME.

Criminal Law (Section 32)

In Criminal Law cases, a Lawyer can lodge a request for their client to be referred for treatment by  mental health professionals, instead of proceeding to a full criminal trial. The reasoning for this is that the client was mentally impaired at the time of the offence due to a psychological condition and could not exercise reasonable care and judgement.

If you are seeking a Section 32 order for your client, our expert Psychiatrists can prepare a medical report that provides a detailed history and analysis of your client’s mental health condition. This will give you a solid foundation on which to launch your Section 32 application.

GP Reports

Need a report from your Claimant’s GP to comment on the prognosis, timeframe for the return to work and other important matters regarding their condition? If you send your questions for the Doctor to our team at MAG, we will upload your GP report request through our secure online platform.

Our unique digital approach to procuring this information ensures that Doctors respond faster. Thereby eliminating the need for your admin staff to constantly be chasing up the report with the GP’s clinic.

Find out how we can help you quickly get the answers you need from your GP, without the usual fuss.

Family Law

In Family Law matters involving parental access, our Psychiatrists are proficient in preparing dual reports. This ensures that you receive the most effective medical evidence to help your clients achieve fantastic outcomes in court.


We are pleased to offer appointments with any of our esteemed specialists without the hassle of paying beforehand in IRO related matters. When making the booking, please have your client’s ILARS number ready in order to enjoy the advantage of paying at a later date.