MAG is a trusted provider who can give you access to the right medical professional within a time frame that suits you, on average within 3-5 working days.

We have an exceptional record that reflects our objectivity, knowledge and the standard of our factual reporting.

All reports respond to the Letter of Instruction,  and are transcribed by our experienced local typists, and written in plain english, with a clear, succinct history, and use accepted medical terminology.


A Section 32 can be granted in situations where someone was suffering from a mental condition at the time of the alleged offence, or can be shown to be suffering from an ongoing mental condition during the court proceedings. These reports are commonly used to divert those who suffer from mental conditions away from criminal penalisation and towards getting treatment they need.


MAG now have Psychiatrists who can provide dual reports for the Family Law Court in relation to parental access children to children.


Lawyers are advised that for all WIRO approved matters (where an ILARS number has been granted) a medico-legal  report can now be obtained direct from MAG without the need for upfront payment.

Lawyers can now request an appointment with MAG for their preferred doctor to in order for a medico-legal report to be provided.  Please quote the WIRO reference/ ILARS number at the time of booking.