What’s on offer at Medico-Legal Assessments?

Medico-Legal Assessments offers an outstanding range of services aimed at giving our clients all the support they need to make maximum progress with their cases.

File Reviews

These are a fantastic option for our Clients who are just seeking some medical guidance for their Claimant’s case and don’t require a full-scale IME. A Doctor from the appropriate Speciality reads through the supporting case documentation that you send through and responds to the questions in your Letter of Instruction. File Reviews do not require the Specialist to meet with the Claimant.

Clinical Records Retrievals

The entire medical history of a person’s condition is often spread far and wide across numerous medical centres, imaging clinics and hospitals. Very rarely is a Claimant’s complete medical history all contained together in one single volume in the current Nominated Treating Doctor’s clinic.

When claims become litigated, the Claimant’s entire medical history for the compensable condition needs to be recalled for review by all parties involved in the proceedings. Collecting all of this information can be both a long drawn out and annoying process for everyone involved.

These documents must be retrieved quickly and securely to meet the strict deadlines in place once matters become litigated. Delays typically occur in procuring this information due to slow and inconvenient systems for record retrieval in hospitals and GP clinics. Legal staff become irritable as they make repeated requests for the documents. Not surprisingly, the delivery of medical records often takes way longer than what is considered to be reasonably necessary.

Medico-Legal Assessments Group are proud to offer a landmark digital service that expedites the process for procuring vital medical records. A niche product that is tailor-made for Plaintiff’s Lawyers. This state-of-the-art system for retrieving clinical records offers a streamlined alternative to the conventional approach that leaves many Plaintiffs Lawyers tearing their hair out in frustration.

With the MAG Connect system, medical records are typically delivered in under ten business days. If you want a more efficient system for the retrieval of medical records, speak with us today.

Medical Negligence – Free Triage Service

Due to the high failure rates experienced by Plaintiff’s seeking damages against healthcare companies in Medical Negligence cases, MAG have created a Free Triage Service to provide valuable advice for our clients.

A Specialist from our panel will let you know, before embarking on an arduous and expensive Medical Negligence case, whether you are likely to succeed. We will advise whether pursuing the matter is worth your time and energy.

After holding a case conference with the Doctor in question and reviewing the documents on the Plaintiff’s file, our Specialist will prepare a report for you. Stating their objective opinions in the report, our Specialist will let you know whether the matter is likely to result in a victory for the Plaintiff’s side.

You will have the recommendations of a top Clinical Specialist, who has observed the findings in many similar cases, and knows just how the courts determine these matters. This allows you to make an informed decision that could ultimately spare you from the saga of a Medical Negligence case.

Imaging Services

Imaging reports are without doubt one of the most important pieces of medical evidence in any Plaintiff or Defendant’s case. Whether they be from a CT, MRI, ultrasound or x-ray scan, imaging reports are reliable sources of straight, unbiased clinical information.

Reviewing all the imaging reports on a Claimant’s file gives an examining Specialist an accurate history of a person’s condition. Such vital, first-hand evidence helps Independent Medical Examiners establish the prognosis for a Claimant and whether any degenerative factors are contributing to the current diagnosis.

As an injury or condition changes over time, new investigations will sometimes be required in order to give Doctors a clear picture of what is happening. They can compare the latest imaging report against the previous reports to ascertain whether there is any improvement or deterioration in the person’s condition.

At MAG, we have partnerships with multiple imaging providers across the nation. Whatever type of imaging investigation your Claimant requires, this can be arranged through the MAG website.

Factual Investigations

These are typically conducted by a Private Investigator who is hired by an insurance company to collect information from the key parties in a case. Various types of insurance companies engage Factual investigators including CTP, Workers Compensation and Public Liability.

Factual Investigators take both written and verbal statements from the people they interview, who agree to sign affidavits, which legally binds them to only tell the truth. After meeting with each of the parties, the Investigator prepares a written report including all of the statements which they then submit to their client. Factual Investigations are used as sources of evidence to help determine liability in court cases.

If you’re looking for a good Factual Investigator, MAG can certainly point you in the right direction. We have existing relationships with many reputable Factual Investigations firms Australia wide. Forget the hassle of finding the best firm to carry out your most important investigations, speak with us at MAG today.

Rehabilitation Management

Rehabilitation Providers are often allied health professionals such as Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists who manage an injured Claimant’s occupational rehabilitation.

Their overall objective is for the Claimant to return to some type of employment following an upgrade in their fitness for work capacity. Ideally a return to their pre-injury position or at least performing suitable duties in some other, more physically suitable role.

They closely monitor the Claimant’s compliance in adhering to the treatment plan prescribed for them by their Medical Practitioner and other treating professionals. Such treatment can involve a range of physical conditioning activities including a gym based, strengthening program, weekly sessions with a Physiotherapist, swimming and even Yoga or Pilates.

In addition to the physical rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Providers help Injured Workers re-enter the workforce by teaching them essential job seeking skills and sourcing training opportunities with recognised providers. Other ways they assist include securing work trials with different employers which gives Claimants a chance to obtain experience working in a new type of position.

Medico-Legal Assessments Group is committed to helping our Clients achieve the best results for their injured Claimants. That’s why the Rehabilitation Providers within our network all have reputations for delivering some of the most outstanding return-to-work success stories within the industry.

Working with one of our trusted Rehabilitation partners, your Claimant will receive all the attention they need on their journey to making a full recovery. If you’re ready to get some lasting results for your Claimant, MAG can help you.

SMS Patient Reminders

At MAG, we have adopted the practice of sending SMS reminders to those Claimants who have an examination scheduled in our rooms. These messages are sent one day prior to the consultation. We find that this is a great way of reducing the likelihood of did-not-attends and also prompts the Claimant to let us know if they have any questions prior to the consultation.

SMS reminders are just another service offered by MAG to give an effective and satisfactory standard of service to our Clients and their Claimants.


On the authority of the client, if a patient’s mobile number is provided, MAG will send the patient a SMS reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment. This provides the patient with confirmation of the time and place for their appointment and helps to minimise the risk of non-attendance.

Should the person respond with any type of query, the MAG team work quickly to assist them with their concerns.

Non-MAG Panel Doctor Offering

We believe in giving you the flexibility to choose whatever doctor you wish to assess your claimants. If your preferred doctor works independently or even with another medico-legal company, you can still book an examination with them through the MAG online portal.

If they are accustomed to receiving your Letter of Instruction and claim documentation straight from your firm, that is fine, you can still upload the paperwork using the MAG platform.

By scheduling your non-MAG panel doctor through our online platform, you can take advantage of all the fantastic features of our service. Included to make your job easier are our system generated SMS reminders for Letters of Instruction, easy system for paying doctors and our encrypted, secure portal for uploading all IME paperwork.

Specialist Invoice Check

Otherwise known as the Claims Leakage AI Mitigation Tool, this technological innovation has been specifically formulated to minimise the degree of Claims Leakage that is endured by both insurance companies and self-insurers.

What is Claims Leakage? This happens when payments for surgical, or other treatment expenses, are incorrectly paid at an amount that is higher than the rate prescribed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) for that specific service. Companies are wrongly left out of pocket for thousands or even millions of dollars all due to the careless errors of their Claims Managers and other staff who routinely approve incorrect amounts when granting requests for treatment.

The AMA has listed the payment rates applicable for all surgical and other recognised forms of treatment in their all-inclusive Fee Schedule. Item codes have been assigned to every single type of service. Therefore, Specialists need to state the correct AMA codes on their surgery requests to insurance companies.

Although Claims Managers are required to check all requests and invoices they approve, insurance companies commonly end up paying well above the AMA designated rates, due to the inattentiveness of their employees.

In keeping with our dedication to helping our clients avoid incurring unnecessary fees, the Claims Leakage AI Mitigation Tool provides a way for your staff to check the correct fees for any surgeries they are approving or arranging payments for.

Fast and easy to use, your staff simply enter the name of the requested treatment to find the appropriate AMA code and its associated rate. Once confirmed, your staff can then communicate the correct amount they agree to pay in their approval letter to the Specialist or allied health professional.

Designed to save your business thousands of dollars in claims leakage every year, the Specialist Invoice Check is just another fantastic reason to choose MAG for the most state-of-the-art insurance solutions.