Dr Simon Kinsella

Dr Simon Kinsella is a clinical psychologist based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a co-founder and director of CP Consulting, and co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Mesh Health. He began his career working with children, adolescents and families. He was a senior clinical psychologist at the Albert Road Centre for Health and in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service of Austin Health. He is soon to commence a role as a non-executive director at the Australian Association of Practice Managers. He has held role as an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne from 2004 until 2016, and in the Department of Psychology at Deakin University. Simon has served as the chairman of the Melbourne Branch of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) from 2009 until 2012, and chair of the Victorian State Committee of the APS from 2010-2012. He then joined the Victorian, Tasmanian and ACT Board of the Psychology Board of Australia and was deputy chair of that board from 2016 – 2018. While on the psychology board he was able to continue his contribution to the APS through his voluntary role as the board representative on the Tests and Testing Advisory Group. Subsequently he has also played a role in developing the APS guidelines for psychologists working in the media.

Dr Kinsella regularly appears on Australian television and radio news and current affairs programs to comment on current affairs. He has also advised on documentaries such has How Mad Are You (SBS) and Addicted Australia (SBS).

Currently based in Melbourne, Dr Kinsella provides regular availability to conduct MedicoLegal assessments both in-person and online, via our telehealth platform Kawaconn video. To book an appointment with Dr Kinsella, please call us on (02) 8090 7611, email admin@medicolegalassessmentsgroup.com.au or click the link below to book online.

Simon Kinsella