Dr Paul Carney

Dr Paul Carney is a qualified expert in neurosurgery, with qualifications including MBBS, FRACS, FAFRM (RACP) and BSc. He has experience in public and private practice, having worked at major public hospitals, and also having established the first full-time practice in private neurosurgery in South Australia.

Dr Carney offers balanced and objectively expressed medical opinions to individuals, legal firms and compensation and insurance industries. All opinions provided are with respect to the injured party, and all parties involved.

Currently based in Adelaide, Dr Carney is available to conduct MedicoLegal assessments either in-person or online via our tele-health platform, eAssess. To book a MedicoLegal appointment with Dr Carney, please call (02) 8090 7611 or click the link below to book online.

Paul Carney


  • AMS (NSW)
  • WIA (NSW)