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Rehabilitation Providers are often allied health professionals such as Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists who manage an injured Claimant’s occupational rehabilitation.

Their overall objective is for the Claimant to return to some type of employment following an upgrade in their fitness for work capacity. Ideally a return to their pre-injury position or at least performing suitable duties in some other, more physically suitable role.

They closely monitor the Claimant’s compliance in adhering to the treatment plan prescribed for them by their Medical Practitioner and other treating professionals. Such treatment can involve a range of physical conditioning activities including a gym based, strengthening program, weekly sessions with a Physiotherapist, swimming and even Yoga or Pilates.

In addition to the physical rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Providers help Injured Workers re-enter the workforce by teaching them essential job seeking skills and sourcing training opportunities with recognised providers. Other ways they assist include securing work trials with different employers which gives Claimants a chance to obtain experience working in a new type of position.

Medico-Legal Assessments Group is committed to helping our Clients achieve the best results for their injured Claimants. That’s why the Rehabilitation Providers within our network all have reputations for delivering some of the most outstanding return-to-work success stories within the industry.

Working with one of our trusted Rehabilitation partners, your Claimant will receive all the attention they need on their journey to making a full recovery. If you’re ready to get some lasting results for your Claimant, MAG can help you.