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Imaging Services

Imaging reports are without doubt one of the most important pieces of medical evidence in any Plaintiff or Defendant’s case. Whether they be from a CT, MRI, ultrasound or x-ray scan, imaging reports are reliable sources of straight, unbiased clinical information.

Reviewing all the imaging reports on a Claimant’s file gives an examining Specialist an accurate history of a person’s condition. Such vital, first-hand evidence helps Independent Medical Examiners establish the prognosis for a Claimant and whether any degenerative factors are contributing to the current diagnosis.

As an injury or condition changes over time, new investigations will sometimes be required in order to give Doctors a clear picture of what is happening. They can compare the latest imaging report against the previous reports to ascertain whether there is any improvement or deterioration in the person’s condition.

At MAG, we have partnerships with multiple imaging providers across the nation. Whatever type of imaging investigation your Claimant requires, this can be arranged through the MAG website.