Associate Professor Nigel Hope

A/Prof Nigel Hope is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with more than 20 years experience as a surgeon and IME assessor. A/Prof hope is qualified with MBBS, PhD, FRACS and FAOrthAA.

He is a popular GP educator, media commentator and University Lecturer, and is at the forefront of Orthopaedic clinical practice, research and innovation. With an in-depth understanding of MedicoLegal issues including public liability, impairment, workplace and MVA cases, he provides comprehensive, unbiased reports where a medical opinion is needed.

A/Prof Hope is currently based in Sydney, where he is available to conduct assessments either in-person or online via our tele-health platform, eAssess. To book a MedicoLegal appointment with A/Prof Hope, please call (02) 8090 7611 or click the link below to book online.



  • AMS (NSW)
  • WIA (NSW)
  • AHP (NSW)
  • AMA 4
  • AMA 5