Covid-19 Response for clients and other stakeholders

Covid-19 Response for clients and other stakeholders

With the status of COVID-19 changing on an hourly basis and uncertainty growing in an number of areas MAG have provided the following guidance for assessment of claimants injuries and continue to monitor and be advised by industry experts.

As you would no doubt be aware, assessment methods have, until now, traditionally required face to face contact.

It’s important to MAG (and to all of us, really) that our business as usual is able to continue whilst there are wider discussions being held – and instructions starting to be given – around social distancing / isolation.

Having consulted with various law firms, insurers and doctors it is important to understand that most assessments do not actually require physical attendance of our claimants.

This methodology and the MAG solutions available not only appeases any concern we might have had but will ably assist the clients in ensuring this important IME step within the claims process continues in a timely and seamless fashion.

The range of MAG solutions include video- and tele-conferencing capability which, with appropriate referral paperwork, is often is enough on its own.

Where there is an actual requirement for specific physical examination – or if this is something that is a clinical requirement – then a modified functional capacity examination (FCE) can be completed by an attending physiotherapist or similar treating party.

This can be undertaken before the assessment with the FCE result then forming part of the LOI / attached referral paperwork.

Alternatively, this can be undertaken at the time of the assessment with a present treating practitioner who will follow your instruction.

These kinds of technological and process solutions will allow us to keep working efficiently during these unusual times.

If you would like me to arrange for a teleconference with our doctors please let me know at your earliest as there may be some lead time required for the set up

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