eAssess: A reliable telehealth solution for regional psychiatric medicolegal assessments

eAssess: A reliable telehealth solution for regional psychiatric medicolegal assessments

In Australia, roughly one million people suffer depression and two million suffer anxiety and despite two decades of investment in improving mental health services, the mental health of Australians has not improved.

Unfortunately, people living in regional, rural and remote locations in Australia are at a significant disadvantage with access to mental health services substantially more limited than in major cities.

The introduction of reliable and robust telehealth networks across regional, rural and remote Australia has been one measure taken to improve how healthcare services are delivered to those living in regional locations, and MAG is pleased to play its part with the introduction of eAssess- our telehealth video conferencing service.

eAssess uses state of the art cloud-based technology to connect your claimants with Psychiatrists located anywhere across Australia. Unlike older video-conferencing technologies, MAG’s eAssess provides your claimant with a unique access code, making it easier to connect with assessing Psychiatrists from your rooms, the GP’s surgery, anywhere!  And the technology is more reliable too, meaning less drop-outs and a better-quality connection.

Strict protocols apply to ensure the integrity of the assessment is maintained, but now MAG helps you provide a better service for your clients by minimising unnecessary travel, distress, costs and inefficiencies. And when claimants are less anxious, they deliver a more reliable account!

Please see the FAQ on the attached for further information. For bookings or queries, please contact admin@medicolegalassessmentsgroup.com.au or dial 02 8090 7611.

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