MAG eAssess

MAG eAssess

The MAG Team are delighted to release our online assessment tool, MAG eAssess which is now available for bookings.

Specially designed for regional clients, who find it difficult to travel, as well as those physically incapacitated in terms of travel, MAG eAssess brings the doctor to the client though online video conferencing, saving time and money for everyone.

MAG eAssess is a Web-based video application. No installation or account set up is required. It just uses your existing camera and microphone on via a PC or laptop. Participants will be invited through a secure invitation link, with a time and date, just like a regular appointment. At this point they will also sign a consent form for the session to be recorded.

Whether the client is in a regional location or in the city – this brings the doctor and the claimant together in a time and cost-effective manner.

For physical examinations this is organised at a local physiotherapy office with a registered physiotherapist who will supervise the entire physical assessment, liaising with the specialist via the web throughout.
For psychological assessments, all that is required is a quiet room with a computer, either in the claimant’s home or somewhere comfortable and private.
The complete audio and video files of the consultation are available upon request, these are securely stored on a cloud-based platform.

The benefit of an online system is that it allows multiple participants, such as an interpreter, to join in on the assessment without being in that physical location.
MAG eAssess also contains an on-line dictation feature which allows on the spot dictation of notes during or after the medical session. These notes are stored with the main files and allow for review before submitting the files to our team without using any extra tools.

As always, our report turnaround for these assessments is prompt and emailed within 5 working days, however should there be an urgent referral, we can work on a tighter timeframe.

With MAG eAssess you can access a full range of Specialists for Psychiatric, Psychological, Orthopaedic, Surgical, Neurosurgical or IMC reports for any claimant, anywhere.

Please contact us today to book your first MAG eAssess session.

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